Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Things

These are teasers and also proof to Kathy that I am, in fact, working on her shawl and will finish it soon. Just working the knitted-on border right now. It's on a time out because I put it down to finish some socks for sale, and now I'm scared to pick it back up because I remember it took me a while to figure out how to knit the border, and now I'm going to have to relearn. And it may not go smoothly, what with me being dimwitted and all.
Here's what's been occupying my time since my last post. First up, Clay on the pitcher's mound at his high school game - he pitched 5 innings, giving up only one hit (which the other scorekeeper scored as an error charged to the shortstop instead of a hit, but I scored it a hit), and walking one batter (only the second of the whole season for him). This against the number two team in the league that slaughtered us 21 to zero last time we faced them (Clay didn't pitch that game.) This was the second to last game of the season. The season is now over, and Clay received the top pitcher award for JV for the season, along with recognition for outstanding performance in Academics and Athletics. Go Clay!!
Next, yarn. This is a gift from Sevy's 5th grade teacher as a thank you for chaperoning at the week-long Science Camp mentioned in my first post. The yarn is from Guatemala, where she spent her Easter vacation visiting her brother who is an elementary teacher there. She also came back with little goodies for each of the students. Very thoughtful and lovely.

Here's another shot so you can appreciate it. There is a ton of yarn in each of these huge hanks, and it is finest laceweight. This will be a challenge to wind, but I can't wait to get my hands on it.

One of the (several) items currently on the needles. It shall be a sweater for moi upon completion, now that it is coming on for summer and hot as hell...Procrastination, don't you know? That's what I'm calling it, for kicks.

These two are shots of the bag that represents my first attempts at designing a bag. It's planned to be felted after completion and will be large -kind of an upscale tote - the handles will be knitted integrally. Designing on the fly, using the colors I have on hand of Brown Sheep Bulky. I'm determined to knit from stash until I get it somewhat under control. I figure I won't be buying yarn for at least a year, unless my resolve weakens.

Here is the mate to the anklet I mentioned in my first post. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Gold Hill. Love the colors, but find the yarn too thin for my taste. Doesn't feel cushy enough.

And in other news, the youngest two had their swimming season time trials this morning, and to quote Barry "They rocked the pool." Excellent times for all events, despite Sev's misgivings about having to do flip turns for the first time in an actual event. Not to mention having to do his first official IM.

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