Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hello Again...Naturally

So much for updating daily...Let's see, where shall I begin? A lot can happen in a month. Since my last post, all three boys have finished their school years. I now have a Freshman, a Sophomore, and a sixth-grader. Clay has been a slug for three weeks, Logan and Sev have already swum three meets (very successfully, I might add) and Logan's 8th grade grad ceremony was wonderful. Working on the slideshow for the dance was very enjoyable. I'm now inspired to make more slideshows. The process was pretty cool. And of course, I also have all that scrapbooking to catch up on. Sevy's teacher gave me a ton of scrapbooking stuff from her recently cleaned out scrapping room, and now I have new inspiration. Lots of cool stuff. Her taste is quite similar to mine, it turns out, so I will put it all to good use.
I started a few more knitting projects without finishing any of the ones I'm currently working on. Just to add to the clutter around here, I guess. The new projects are baby bibs that I'm designing myself. My plans are to sell them in my Etsy store at some point. 100% cotton.

We had to forego our yearly traditional cherry-picking expedition. That was a bummer. The boys' swim team beat Glenmoor yesterday, something they haven't managed to pull off for a decade. Talk about exciting. We've gone from a team that was perennially winless to starting off the season undefeated. The old-timers on the team were quite excited. It was really neat to celebrate with the other families that have seen this team come so far. I'll post pictures of the next meet. It will be our first night meet since we joined the team 6 years ago.

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