Friday, January 25, 2013

Today She's-A My Birthday

Half. A. Century.  Seems like a long time when you put it like that, but it went by in a flash.  Especially the last 20 years or so.  Three years have passed since the Awful Diagnosis. Now each birthday is sweeter than the last.  Highlights from today:
  1. My two youngest remembered and wished me "happy birthday" with no prompting from husband.
  2. I get to see my youngest play basketball tonight.
  3. I got a wicked funny birthday card from my oldest brother and my favorite sister-in-law.
  4. Lots of "happy birthday" messages on Facebook and phone calls from family.
  5. Husband sent a birthday e-card.
  6. Finished writing up pattern for Shadow Scarf and posted on "Free Pattern" page  Encountered problem.  Only picture posted.  Working to fix the technical problem so that pattern can be posted.  Bummer.
  7. I received a package in the mail with this inside:
It's a great day to be alive...

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