Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10 on Tuesday - 10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Uh-oh.   I'm in trouble with this topic.  I've pretty much loathed the whole concept of Valentine's Day since entering adulthood.  Now, when I was a child, it was a different story.  I have lots of fond memories of childhood Valentine's Day.  But once I entered high school, it was pretty much over, at least as far as the romantic idea is concerned.   Since we don't "do" Valentine's Day in a romantic sense chez nous, I think I'll concentrate more on how to celebrate this day with the kids, with maybe a tiny romance thrown in here and there.

  1. Wake them up for school singing a sweet sappy song like "I love you a bushel and a peck"...High schoolers really appreciate this one.
  2. Pull out the scrapbooking supplies and scrap it up
  3. Make a home-made card for all your loved ones (okay, this can be romantic, too)
  4. Date Night.  Need I say more?
  5. Go for a walk with your beloved somewhere beautiful and quiet.  Hold hands.
  6. Buy big heart-shaped boxes of candy for your dear ones.  The good stuff, please.
  7. Play your favorite ballads - All. Day. Long.
  8. Candlelight dinner, anyone?
  9. Indulge in a viewing of your favorite romantic comedy.  Mine?  Just Friends.  Ryan Reynolds at his best.  Gotta love the little brother.
  10. Barbara Cartland marathon read?

Well, I may not have done a very good job with this one, but why don't you hop on over to Carole Knits and try it yourself?

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  1. That's a great list! I'm thinking a walk with beloved is a good idea....
    Happy Valentine's Day!


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