Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 on Tuesday - 10 Things You Miss from Your Childhood

I have very fond memories of my childhood.  I was born in the sixties and looking back I am struck at how much innocence was still present in our culture.  An innocence which, regrettably, seems to be wholly gone from American culture in this present age.  I came on the scene when people still had milk delivered in glass bottles before the sun came up.  Hard to believe, that.  Here are some of the things I miss the most:
  1. Playing with the neighborhood kids outside during every daylight hour.  I still remember that dreaded hour when you would hear your mom's voice from your house calling you in because it was dinnertime.  No one wanted to be the first one called in.
  2. Addam's sour fruit gum.  I particularly liked apple.
  3. Walking to school in the morning and home again in the afternoon.  It was fun because so many kids walked, it was more time you got to spend with your friends from school that didn't live close enough to play with after school.
  4. Roller skating for hours with my younger sister
  5. The excitement every fall when the new TV shows were previewed.  This was back before cable had a gazillion channels and there was a new show spawned every minute.
  6. Hanging out with my family and attending my older brothers' baseball and football games.
  7. All the pets we had growing up.  I still remember each of them and hope to see them in the afterlife.
  8. Not having to wear a seatbelt in the car
  9. Halloween wax candy harmonicas
  10. Hearing the ice cream truck in the neighborhood and giving chase.  Back then, you could get a large ice cream for five cents.  There was one in our neighborhood that was the "bomb".  Totally decked out like a red New York trolley car from the turn of the century.  That thing was gorgeous and even had  a soft-serve ice cream dispenser.
Ah, memories.


  1. I forgot about the tv season thing - I find myself constantly lamenting the fact that there are too many television shows that we miss because we had no idea a new season was starting.


  2. Oh my gosh I loved those harmonicas! I swear I would still chew on one if I ever found one.

  3. ahhh yes, no seatbelt. no helmet. amazing we grew up! what a fun list! thanks for commenting on mine, too.


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