Friday, February 1, 2013

Ode to a Crock Pot

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways...

I just started the evening's meal, and it should be ready when we get home from tonight's high school basketball game.  For a family that always has kids in athletic programs from baseball to swimming, the crockpot is a life saver.  My dilemma has always been the timing of dinner.  There is just not enough time to cook before a sporting event, and afterwards is just too darn late.  I've debated cooking the meal early and re-heating when we get home, but then food dries out and it just doesn't taste as good as it does when it is newly cooked.  Enter the crockpot, which can do the cooking while we do the watching and cheering.  And coming home to a house filled with fragrant cooking aromas when our athletes are famished is one of life's finer things.  Tonight's fare: Asian style barbecued beef ribs.  I'll do the rice just before I set out for the game.

 And now for some knitting pics.  This is a scarf I designed for my lovely sister who greatly appreciates the handknits.  She picked the yarn, Cascade Eco Duo, both for it's softness and beautiful shade.  It's sort of a brownish grey that subtly stripes in wide bands.  The pattern has garter stitch border followed by two stitch patterns that evoke birds in flight.  The texture is perfect for a cozy scarf and the pattern is interesting to knit without requiring intense concentration.  I will probably submit this as a free pattern on Ravelry within the next two weeks.


Close up of the texture at either end 
 and the main portion of the scarf
I'll give it to her tonight at the basketball game.  She's a great aunt.  Always comes out to watch her nephews play and actually enjoys it as much as we do.  Tomorrow I'll try to photograph the yarn haul from my birthday and post.

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