Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Inspired by Knitnana

In the absence of 10 on Tuesday this week, I think I'll take a page from Knitnana's book and do my own Random Tuesday list.  You can follow the link to the right if you would like to see her list.  I recommend it.

  1. I hate to shop at Malls, so it delights me to no end when the shops I have to visit in person at the dreaded Mall are located right next to/across from each other so as to make the time I have to spend there as short as possible.  And when one of the stores is "See's Candies", that eases the pain even more.
  2. Writing knitting patterns is hard.  It's hard because I don't notice that I'm leaving out important steps simply because they come so automatically, I don't think to write them down.
  3.  I haven't read a book in several weeks.  I think it's time for a cozy mystery.  Now if I can just remember what I did with the one I was in the middle of, that would be super.
  4. I hate doing taxes, even though we don't have the most complex financial situation, so they are very straightforward.  It's the time investment I think I resent the most.
  5. I am enjoying Downton Abby way more than I should be.  I mean, it's just TV.  But I spend a significant amount of time thinking about it after I've watched it.  I think I need to get a grip.
  6. Having started a new sock, this time from the toe up, I realize that I prefer any number of cast-ons to the short row cast-on.   I think it's because I dislike having to use too many tools and having transitions from one thing to another when I knit.  With the short row cast-on, first there's finding a crochet hook.  Then finding a suitable waste yarn.  Then unzipping chain and placing stitches on the needles.  Not to mention all that wrapping, double-wrapping, and turning.
  7. Another guilty TV viewing pleasure: Mob Wives.  There's just something about those mobbed up gals that I can't resist.  Perhaps it's the train wreck syndrome.  The language is very offensive, despite the bleeps, but I still watch.  They certainly know how to express themselves in the most direct fashion.  And I'm fascinated by the fact that they all have enormous fake boobs.  I mean over the top enormous...What possesses a group of women to do that? 
  8. I'm really looking forward to the high school swim season.  I thoroughly enjoyed the basketball season, but there's something about watching the youngest glide powerfully through the water that transports me.  He is one talented little fish.
  9. Speaking of swimming, why is it that the first in-pool practice is nearly always the coldest/rainiest day of the season?  And why does it almost invariably follow a week of gorgeous Spring-like weather?
  10. Giving up coffee for Lent already hurts.  I miss it so much.

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