Friday, February 8, 2013

You Can Post, Too, You Know

I've been having so much fun reading other's blogs that I have neglected my own...So sad.  Time to end the neglect right here, right now.  Since this is a knitting blog, I thought I should start actually putting some knitting content up.  Let's start with some pics of the current sock project on the needles.

First, a little background; Ever since I knit my first sock, I have been passionately in love with knitting socks.  For years, I never went anywhere without a sock project in hand.  This usually involved sitting in bleachers at youth baseball games, swim meets, basketball games, etc.  where everyone got used to the familiar sight of me knitting socks.  Then, for some reason, I stopped.  Well, actually, I think the reason is that I dipped my toe in the design process, and was kept so busy designing and knitting sweaters, that I lost sight of socks.  Sigh.   I have now re-discovered my love of sock knitting and am knitting like a demon every evening while watching my favorite pre-recorded TV shows. 

This little guy is for my dad.  Basic 2x2 rib in self-striping knitpicks yarn.  Knit using my basic top down formula, which is my preferred method.  Every now and then I explore a new technique, but I always go back to my beloved in the end, because I think they fit the best and are least fiddly.  I rarely try complex stitch patterns or constructions with socks because I like the freedom of just knitting anywhere, anytime, without having to concentrate.  I save the complex patterns for shawls, sweaters, or other items that I knit exclusively at home.  My mind tends to wander a lot when I knit, and my sock knitting lends itself to auto-pilot, thus saving me from the frustration of having to rip out whole sections of knitting where I totally  blew it while daydreaming.  Also, I'm usually very distracted when I knit outside of the house, so simplicity is best.

They've grown since.  Gusset has been completed.
 These started out as "Sailor Rib" because my father is a Navy veteran, but the rib was too fussy for me, so I reverted back to simple 2x2.  He won't mind.  I'll give them a nautical name.

I've started a new sweater design.  This one is for my mother.  Her favorite sweater is starting to get pretty shabby, so she asked me if I could knit her a new one in black (the old one is violet).  She wants something very similar to her current sweater, very basic and simple.  I'll post about this as it progresses.  Right now, I've got some quick sketches and measurements and have purchased the yarn.  Bernat's Comfort Soft. 

Have some other ideas fomenting.  I'll post about them in the future as well.

I submitted my first free pattern to Ravelry the other day.  Hope some knitters find it and enjoy it.  Must remember to add my Ravelry details on my home page.  I have another free scarf pattern to write up and submit.  Will probably work on that early next week.

Another basketball game tonight.  Can't wait to watch youngest son on the court.  I do truly love to watch my boys.  Can't get enough.

Double Zero, you play fearsome "D"

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