Friday, February 15, 2013

Mending Fences

A few weeks ago, a portion of our backyard fence blew down.  It was on its last legs and all it took was a sudden gust, I guess.  In any event, we didn't pay it much attention for a day or so.  We no longer have a dog to have to worry about getting out of the yard, and we don't much care if we get a visit from a neighborhood dog.  We knew we would fix it, just weren't in any hurry to start the process.  What with money being tight around here, and all.  Anyway, for the sake of the next door neighbor, we finally got around to the repairs.  They have been completed without incident.  I didn't think to get a "before" shot (well, to be honest I was too ashamed of the state of the yard to take one and expose the neglect), but I did manage to get an "after" shot. 

And while I was out there talking to the guys before they started the work, here's what I saw:

 I was delighted to see that the daffodils K and I planted so many years ago are still blooming.  They are always the first flowers to bloom in our garden, and I hadn't noticed that they had already come up this year.  It's only mid way through winter, but we do live in California, so Spring is usually early for us.  Can't tell you how grateful I am for that, because I have a hard time with Winter.

And for a couple of close-ups, even though the lighting is bad for photography right now:

Honk if you love daffodils.  In the comments, that is.

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  1. OH MY! You have daffodils??? {swoon!} I'm green with envy. Thank you for stopping to visit me today, and I had to copy and post your comment, because I'm clumsy on my iPhone and I (shh) deleted it! (oy!) I was able to post it, still, but I wanted you to know that yes, I'm quite flattered if I got you motivated to update your Rav page. I know how good it made me feel to know I was finally making progress. (((hugs)))


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