Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten on Tuesday From California

Okay, so living in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, I have to confess to being spoiled when it comes to Winter.  Truly, the weather in this part of the country is mostly mild, with the occasional wind-and-rain storm to keep us on our toes.  We don't have to contend with snow, sleet, black ice, hail, you name it.  Nevertheless, speaking as someone who gets goose bumps when the temperature drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, I. Don't. Like. Winter.  The first rainstorm is nice, but after that, bring on the blue skies, please.  Which brings us to today's Ten on Tuesday topic, courtesy of Carole.  You can find Carole and join the fun by following the link in my sidebar.  And now, without further ado, I present:

10 Reasons Why I Am Ready for Winter To Be OVER.

  1. Waking up to a cold house every morning --Hubby wakes first at an ungodly hour, but doesn't turn on the heat, since the rest of us are snug in our beds for another 2 hours or so after he leaves the house.  That means I'm the next to rise, and it falls to me to turn the thermostat up to warm up the house for my offspring.  Call me an indulgent mom, but I like my children to be able to enjoy their breakfast without seeing their breath condense in the air...
  2. My electric/gas bill.  Enough already. What I spend on this I could be using on car payments for the brand new electric car we so desperately need...
  3. Grey skies make me down-spirited.  I need light, preferably sunlight.
  4. Scraping ice off the windshield.  I'm so over that right about now.
  5. Waking up and having to get out of bed when it's dark outside.  Darkness in the morning is for sleeping through. Period.
  6. Having to leave the doors and windows closed to keep the house warm.  I love to keep the front and back doors open, with just the screen between me and the outside world.  It airs out the house, lets me know I'm part of the world around me as I listen to the sounds from the neighborhood, and allows the soothing sound of the fountain in the front courtyard to reach my ears.
  7. Winter equals tax season for those of us with "kids" in college.  I hate that.  And I hate all that FAFSA nonsense.
  8. My college-age kid commutes to school every day and I worry more when the weather is bad and he is on the road.  He's only had his license for 6 months, and bay area traffic is aggressive.  My favorite sound of the day is his key in the front door, letting me know he's home safe and sound.
  9. It gets dark too early in the Winter.  I get so much of my energy from sunlight, that I find myself not able to summon the will to do much of anything but hibernate once darkness falls.  My house suffers with me because of this, as household chores don't get done around here by anyone but me, and when it's dark outside, I'M NOT CLEANING MY HOUSE!  You'll find me curled up in front of the boob tube knitting.
  10. Baseball, baby!!!!  I want Winter to be over so I can watch my beloved SF Giants on the big screen and feel my heart swell as Buster Posey takes the field.  I love that kid. 
Now your turn.  Why are you ready for Winter to be OVER?


  1. Don't remind me about
    FAFSA. I have to finish it and I am dreading it....

  2. Ugh, my daughter's is due on the 15th of March. I'll be doing that over spring break.


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