Friday, March 15, 2013

Finished Object Friday

Forgot to take pictures of these guys when they were still on the needles.  They are the pair I test knitted to make sure my free "Blue Yonder Sock" pattern was correct.  They will be gifted to my youngest who truly appreciates the handknit socks.  He wears a pair almost every day.  He used to wear them every day when he was in middle school even though they were in violation of the dress code which specified all blue, all white, or all black as the only approved sock choices.  He never received an infraction and got a kick out of flouting the rules via his mom's handmade socks, which were never any of the approved colors.

In other news, Spring has sprung here in the California Bay Area and I couldn't be happier!  Awoke this morning to the sound of a mockingbird singing merrily.  Even as I write this, the morning is alive with the sound of birds.  Just finished cleaning the courtyard fountain and refilling it.  I'm looking forward to morning coffee out there when Lent is over.  It is a glorious day in these parts and I am so happy I could burst.  Another thing I'm looking forward to?  Feast your eyes:

These beauties will be going into containers to grace our front pathway tomorrow!  I've so missed having flowers out front.  We had to do some overhauling of our front prior to a home appraisal, and we had to keep it simple to finish in time.  Containers were part of phase II, which is happily now ready to implement.  The top two are geraniums and the bottom two are ranunculus (ranunculi?).  We'll be adding some bacopa for the trailing plant and putting in a timed drip system.

Youngest son has first official swim meet of the season today.  He's a freshman and was placed on Varsity, so he'll be swimming against bigger and stronger upperclassmen, but he's not one to back down from a challenge.  He definitely has the heart of a champion.  He also currently has the abdominal strain of an over-competitor, so not sure how well today's swim will go for him.  He probably shouldn't be swimming at all until it completely heals, but he says it feels better and he wants to compete.  Praying he will be okay and not further injure himself.  His strongest stroke is the butterfly, which is also wicked hard on the abs.  That dolphin kick has me concerned.  Deep breath.  I'm placing it in God's hands. 

The front courtyard is calling to me to spend some time pruning, but I will resist its siren call, as there is much to be done indoors today.  Drat it all.  Well, off to vacuum and do some laundry.

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  1. CA weather was made for courtyards, patios and porches in Sac enjoying our deck.


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