Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gentle On My Mind

Ranunculus, lovely flower God-awful name

Don't know why, but I've been thinking all day today about some of the old music I used to listen to, from the sixties (whatever my parents or older brothers were listening to) up through the eighties.  Which lends itself nicely to Carole's Ten on Tuesday topic for today:

10 Random Things On Your Mind...
1.  Glen  Campbell put out some pretty good songs there in the Sixties.  I always think of my mother when I hear a Glen Campbell song.  It reminds me of growing up in Hawaii and listening to her sing along to the hi-fi while I played on the lanai.  Sadly, he is no longer playing in concert due to the onset of Alzheimers, but I love that he and his son did a farewell tour after his diagnosis and that he had the courage to perform in front of people even as the disease was progressing to the point where he had difficulties on stage from time to time.

2.  My thoughts progress to another musician whose music I much admired and whose passing from this earth was filled with beauty and courage: Warren Zevon.  He used his last bit of strength and energy completing a series of recordings that were released upon his death.  Many of them were recorded literally from his sickbed (or rather, couch) as he didn't have the strength to leave it.  I love that he was doing what he loved and leaving such a beautiful legacy to the very end.

3.  My free pattern for "Spring In Your Step" socks is coming along nicely and should be ready for posting on Ravelry by week's end.  Here's a shot of the progress on the pair I'm working on while developing the pattern:

4. I picked up these lovelies at the supermarket today:

Cara Cara Navel and Blood oranges

5.  Here's what I'm reading today:

6.  Our St. Paddy's day dinner was cancelled due to illness.  My brother and niece were both sick and didn't want to play Typhoid Mary to the rest of us, so we will be reconvening this weekend for dinner instead.

7.  Had a great day on Saturday watching my middle son play hoops with his new AAU team.  The husband is the coach and the kids are having such a great time and are a very talented bunch.  This team represents more than just a group of kids who happen to have a high level of skill for the game.  They are a cross-section of players from all the local teams who have been longing to play with one another for years, but never have been able to until now.  Several have been friends from childhood and run the gamut from players who made "All League" status to those who were overlooked by their high schools.  They range in height from 6'9" to barely over 4'.  Put them all together and they have that certain chemistry that is exciting to watch.  They are so excited to be playing together, it just makes my heart swell to watch them.  And the fact that this motley crew went undefeated this weekend in their first tournament together just made it that much sweeter.

8.  It's finals week for the oldest son and he is not feeling well.  This will be a tough week for him to get through physically.  I'm asking for prayers for him.  Update: he just texted his dad that he received a perfect 20 out of 20 on the first round of the Engineering final he is taking.  The final is based on a small group project and it was the source of major headaches this weekend chez nous.  What a relief to hear it went over well.

9.  The kitchen will soon be filled with the aroma of BBQ baked beans cooking in the oven.  The high school end-of-season basketball banquet is tonight and I'm bringing them for the potluck.

10.  I picked up these today to go in the containers with the ranunculus and geraniums from my previous post:

Bacopa - White
Bacopa - Blue


  1. Hi-fi? Haven't heard that word in forever! It reminds me of my grandparents. Growing up in Hawaii must have been amazing!

  2. How is the PRoof Of Heaven book?? It looks so inspirational

    1. I like it so far, but I'm not that far into the book yet. The fact that he is a neurosurgeon definitely makes it a unique perspective on the near death experience.

  3. I miss my son's high school sports, it was so much fun to go to all of the cross country and track events! And I always think of my Mom when I hear Glen Campbell too :-)

    1. My oldest no longer plays sports and I miss watching him, too. It goes by so quickly, doesn't it?

  4. Perfect green for 'Spring'. Lovely flowers.

  5. That is a perfect shade of green for a spring pattern. Love it! I keep thinking I should try making my own baked beans but haven't given that a try yet. I guess partly because DH isn't a fan. I guess something to put on the list for the ten weeks he is gone this summer :-)

    1. Ten weeks is a long absence. You'll need lots of things on that list...

  6. Love the color of the socks, they so make me think of spring. Now I am craving baked beans.


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