Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If I Had a Big Ole Pot of Money

Carole over at Carole Knits has me racking my poor brain today with her Ten on Tuesday topic.  I don't spend a lot of time daydreaming about winning the lottery and there truly is no chance of this ever happening to me, but here goes nothing:

10 Things You'd Do If You Won the Big Powerball Jackpot
  1. Make sure that my family was financially taken care of.  This includes my parents and all my siblings as well as my children, husband, and self.
  2. Make an on-going endowment to my favorite charities
  3. Move to an exotic locale (probably Hawaii) and build a new home there
  4. Buy a new car or two - something practical, though.  Probably all-electric.
  5. Take the family on an extended vacation to Europe
  6. Hire a gardener
  7. Hire a housekeeper
  8. Hire a chef
  9. Make some shrewd investments (ha-ha) to make sure of on-going income
  10. Buy all the yarn I felt like, any old time I felt like it
Well, that was hard for me.  Now, your turn...


  1. No one else has mentioned the gardner or chef!! You're thinking BIG and with a jackpot this large? That's what's needed!

  2. I love the idea of being able to buy all the yarn you want, any time you want. And luxury yarn! Lots and lots of special fibers.

  3. How could I forget a housekeeper!!
    But I've always said, "If I could afford that house, I could afford a housekeeper who does the laundry."

  4. Housekeeper indeed! And as well as buying all the yarn my heart desired, I would attend all the knitting shows/conferences/camps/conventions m heart desired too!


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