Monday, March 11, 2013

If You Pinch Me, I Get to Sock You...

...'Cuz I am wearing green.  Remember that from when you were a kid at school on St. Patrick's Day?  The rules were that if you didn't wear green, you would be pinched.  But if someone failed to notice that you were wearing green in an inconspicuous way (say, green socks, perhaps), and pinched you, you were allowed to punch them hard on the shoulder.  And there was always someone who didn't wear green, but tried to justify it by saying they had green eyes, so they didn't need to.  And then the argument would ensue about how that didn't count.  You had to be wearing green on your person

Anyhoo, all this was sparked by Carole at Carole Knits (link at right), so you can blame thank her and her Ten on Tuesday topic for this week:

10 Favorite Things That Are Green

  1. U.S. Currency --had to go there straight away, don't ask me why...Perhaps It's the measly two dollar bills on the kitchen table to the right of my laptop just lying there, mocking me because they aren't, say, twenty dollar bills.  Or fifties.
  2. The meadow on the valley floor of Yosemite National Park.
  3. My lawn when it is healthy, an all too rare occurrence.  Thank you, Mr. Gopher.
  4. New leafed trees - especially at their earliest phase, when the leaves are still tightly furled.  Such a hopeful sign of spring.
  5. Mint chocolate chip ice cream - anyone care to join me in a Shamrock shake?
  6. All the lovely shades of green in my yarn stash.
  7. Christmas trees - or "happy trees" as my youngest used to call them. 
  8. The rolling hills in our town during Fall and Winter, before they turn brown in Summer.  Living on one side of a valley as we do, these hills form the backdrop to every event that occurs outdoors, and I love them, even when they've turned brown, but I especially love them when they are richly green.
  9. The benches in most little league dugouts - and the bleachers as well.  Takes me back to those halcyon days when our boys were just starting out in tee-ball, and we would take them to the field and teach them how to play the game.  Man, those were happy times.
  10. The "away" uniform of my youngest son's basketball team.  How I love to watch him play.

Whew,  that was harder than I thought it would be.  Wanna play?


  1. That's a great list - and love the school colors flying high there at the end!!

  2. How could I forget mint chocolate chip ice cream? Enjoyed your 'greens'!

  3. The valley floor at Yosemite. Thank-you so much for bringing that memory back to me. Specutacular, especially with the waterfalls running all around it! Happy Ten on Tuesday.

  4. I loved the imagery of your post. It made me think of all the things that I didn't list! Thank so much!

  5. Somehow I managed to forget mint chocolate chip ice cream, despite trying to decide if I could trick myself into making a minty green smoothie that resembled a shamrock shake sometime this month :-) Thanks for sharing your list!

  6. Wonderful Greens! Wonderful list.

  7. Oh your list is a good one - how could I forget a Shamrock Shake??? (Now I want one. and it's nearly 10 pm and I'm in my pjs ...)

    Nice to "meet" you! And yep, baseball is nearly here ... :-)


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