Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Friday and I'm Feeling Fine

He's thinking, "Backstroke, really?"
Yesterday was a tough meet for youngest son.  He slipped on the blocks during his first event (medley relay, free leg) and his dive was a disaster.  I missed seeing this, as the husband and I were late to the meet.  His 200 IM was so-so.  Then he swam the 500 yard freestyle for the first time and his pacing was way off.  He had taken the advice of his team mates to just start out slow.  They told him when he got out that he had started too slow.  His last event was the dreaded 100 backstroke, his worst stroke by far.  Oh well, lots of room for improvement.  He was not down at all about it, which is such progress in terms of maturity for him.  He usually dwells on any poor performance and is exceedingly hard on himself for even the slightest imperfection.  I was so heartened  to see him take this meet in his stride.

The free sock pattern is finished, but it is a somewhat complicated one, so I am going to test knit another pair using the pattern instructions as written to make sure there are no errors in it before I post it.  Hopefully, next week at the latest.

Well, off to pick up the boys from school.  Wishing you all a blessed weekend.

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