Sunday, March 10, 2013

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Listicles Monday

So here we are celebrating another Monday on this earth together.  Isn't it wonderful?  Isn't it to be treasured?  Isn't it something for which to be grateful?  It sure is for me.  This Monday's list is a chance for me to reflect on some of the sweet pleasures of this life, an exploration of one of the often-overlooked senses: the sense of smell.  Here are my answers to this week's Listicles (link at right) list:


  1. The smell of a new baby's head.  If perfection had a smell, this would be it.
  2. Puppy breath.  The next-best thing to human baby head smell.
  3. Coffee in the morning.  At least for me...
  4. Pavement after the season's first rain.  Don't know why, exactly, but I've always considered this one of the finest smells on the planet.
  5. Fresh mown grass.  Makes me feel like a child again, with not a care in the world.
  6. Flowering stock in the garden.  This is probably my favorite flower scent.
  7. Flowering phlox in the garden.  A close second.
  8. Flowering gardenia in the garden.  No synthetic scent can approach it.
  9. Bread baking in the oven.  Don't get to enjoy this one very often, as I am not a bread-baker, but my dad makes a fine loaf, and sometimes I catch it when I visit.
  10. My favorite perfume "Eau" de Givenchy.  Sadly, discontinued.  Love, love, love, this perfume.  I managed to find the spray version, but the concentrated perfume can't be found anymore, as far as I am aware.  The perfume is the best.
Well, that's my take.  What's yours?


  1. Great minds think alike! Same title, and a few scents are the same too. I love the smell of some flowers, too - but I have no idea which ones!

  2. I do not recall a baby's head smell...Perhaps I should have been more observant.

  3. Flowering stock is a great smell, a favourite of mine, phlox makes me think of home and the wild ones that grew in the bush. How about heliotrope? another of my faves.

  4. Love the smell of Gardenias, bread baking in the oven and numbers 1 through 5...All heavenly smells!

  5. Coffee and bread made my list. and after reading your list...I want a garden full of flowers this year.

    I cannot stand when certain products or scents get discontinued...or even worse...are a limited edition that you get hooked on and then they snatch it away from you.


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