Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten Reasons I'm Happy It's March

It's already March 5th...The month is flying by, and I couldn't be happier.  The reason?  Every day
that passes in March brings us closer to the glory of Spring.  Spring is my happy time.  I love everything about it.  I'm smiling right now just thinking about it...So, while I wait for my tea to steep, why don't I list the "Ten Reasons Why I'm Happy It's March"?

  1. My mother's birthday is in March.  Today, in fact.  And I have some special handknit socks to present her with.
  2. St. Patricks' Day.  My sister-in-law makes the best corned beef and cabbage dinner I've ever tasted, and she hosts a St. Paddy's Day celebration every year, where we gorge ourselves. She does this under serious pressure from my sister, who bullies her into it every year, all because of the aforementioned corned beef dinner.
  3. High school swim season, which kicks off with a swim meet this weekend.  I love watching my boys use the physical gifts God gave them.  When they compete in sports, I feel that they are giving glory to God for gifting them with a healthy body equipped for athleticism.  The joy I get from feasting my eyes on them is an added gift that I am deeply grateful for.
  4. MLB Spring Training.  Go Giants!!!
  5. This year, I can enjoy the month of March without taxes looming and weighing me down because I have filed already.  The onset of March means tax madness and the FAFSA madness are OVER.
  6. Easter Sunday.  The celebration of the greatest day in the history of the WORLD.  This Easter Sunday is especially meaningful for our family as this is the day my husband enters the Church and partakes of the sacraments for the first time ever.  He will be baptized and made new, a child of God.  Can't wait.
  7. Lent will be over at the end of March and I'll be able to drink coffee and mochas again.  Tea is fine in its own right, but is no substitute for mocha.
  8. March means we can get busy with the garden.  Well, the end of March, anyway.  I'm already dreaming of the fragrant flowers we'll plant in the front yard and courtyard, and I'm thinking this season we'll go hog wild with the tomatoes, too, just for kicks.
  9. Sunlight.  I've been starved of this precious commodity.  Blue skies and sunlight, open doors and windows, breezes wafting through the house, bringing the scent of flowers with them.  But most of all sunlight.
  10. March madness.  The males in the house, of which there are many, are avid basketball fans.  I get a kick out of hearing them root on their favorite teams, discuss the merits of the various players and whoop and holler when a fabulous play is made, regardless of which team makes it.  They surely do appreciate fine play.
Speaking of fine play, here's Double Zero in action
Thanks to Carole for today's topic.  If you're not already joining in the fun, follow the link on the right for Caroleknits, and have at it.


  1. Sounds like we all are pretty happy that it is March!

  2. I'd normally be with you listing March Madness, but UCONN can't play this year. I'm bummed. We have a really great team.


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