Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge - California Edition

As usual, my thanks go out to Joyce for hosting this weekly event.  Feel free to follow the link and
join in the fun.  Now, without further ado, here is my "Wednesday Hodgepodge". (Although I warn you, I'm not feeling very inspired today...)

1. My real life friends came through with another question this week so thank you real life friends. When you've eaten in a restaurant do you complete their comment card? Do you take online surveys highlighted at the bottom of store receipts?

Nope.  I always view this as a way for them to get my personal information so they can bombard me with junk mail.

 2. The (US) ban on women in combat was lifted at the end of January. It will probably be next year before specifics are worked out, but its been reported over 200,000 front line positions will eventually open up to women.  Your thoughts?

Sadness.  I fail to see how the right to put oneself in harm's way and risk life and limb is a step forward for womankind.   We need an end to war, not more soldiers...

 3.  In looking back at all the blog posts you've written, what's your favorite post title?

Not being the most inspired of writers, my favorite title would have to be "Today She's-A My Birthday" because it reminds me of the "I Love Lucy" episode that inspired it. 

4. What's worse-overly permissive parents or overly protective parents?  Did your own parents lean more to the permissive or the protective category?  If you're a parent where do you fall?

Oh, man.  Bad parenting is just awful any way you cut it, but I would have to say overly-permissive parents are the worst.  Children need limits and society needs children to have limits.  Come to think of it, society needs limits.  I think my biggest peeve with overly-permissive parenting is that it breeds selfishness and discourtesy in children, who then grow up to be selfish, discourteous adults who take no accountability for their own actions. 

My parents were wonderful parents, not overly permissive nor overly protective, although my mom did tighten the reins when I entered adolescence.  I hated it at the time, since I didn't get to do what all the other girls did (wear make-up, date, hang around with the boys), but looking back now, I see that it was the absolute best.  My friends at the time were getting into so many harmful behaviors, of which their more permissive parents were totally unaware.  My best friend from high school still is suffering the consequences of actions she took when she was a teen-ager, including losing her virginity to an older man at the ripe old age of 14. Yes, that's right, I said 14...

As to my parenting pattern, I would have to say I'm pretty much in the middle.  I set limits, particularly when the boys were young and character formation was job number one (next to unconditional love, of course, but that's not a job, is it?), and I definitely made some mistakes along the way with the protective thing, especially with my oldest.  Why does the first child have to be the practice child?   But overall, I think I do a fair job in letting them grow to be their own people while
making them aware of the boundaries of what is acceptable, and safe, and what is not.

5.  Candlelight-moonlight-firelight-bright lights in the big city...which one's your favorite?

I love them all, but if I was forced to choose at gunpoint, I would pick firelight.  When I think of firelight I think of loved ones gathered up close to a cozy fire, either by the hearth or at a campfire, singing, laughing, and talking together.  And fires are warm, which is an added bonus. 

6. Dr. Seuss's birthday was celebrated on Saturday. What's a favorite book you remember (Seuss or otherwise) from your own childhood?  Did books play an important role in your growing up years? Explain.

One of my all time favorite childhood books was "Harriet the Spy".  I must have read that book a dozen times and loved it for the quirky characters and the mystery.  Books played an enormously important role in my growing up years.  I lived for reading.  I would go through stacks of books every few days, and then hop on my bicycle and bring home another load from the library.  Our local library didn't limit the number of books you could check out at one time, and I took full advantage.  When we first moved here, the library hadn't been completed yet, so we had to rely on the bookmobile to get our book "fix".  That was awesome too, although the selection was smaller.  You can imagine my joy when the library finally opened.  I still love the way a library smells when you open the door and the odor of the books hits you...

7.  To quote Dr. Seuss...

"From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere." 
from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Share something funny you've recently read, seen or heard.

I caught an episode of the old "Bob Newhart" show last night and although there were many funny moments --it is Bob Newhart, after all--I was struck by one in particular.  The episode was about Bob having to lose 8 pounds and struggling with dieting.  He was lamenting to his wife about how difficult his day had been and he started to confess to "cheating" --with food.  He ran down a litany of all the things he had eaten, an impressive list of lack of control and he finished with the line that had me laughing out loud, "Emily, I felt like Bela Lugosi in a room full of necks."  Coupled with the incomparable delivery of Bob Newhart, it was rich.
8.  Insert your own random thought here.

After a week of beautiful Spring-like weather, a wind-and-rain storm blew in last night that was as impressive as it was sudden.  We lost power for a few hours, but all is now blue skies and wispy clouds.  I love the climate in California.  It's the best part of living in this state, as everything else has pretty much gone to hell.


  1. Some people might joke that in my youth I had two summer homes--the pool and the library. I attended every summer program there and would check out books weekly--as many as I could carry. And though I no longer check out quite than many at a time, I still go to the library.

    My husband and daughter are also avid readers. Since our library has a broad range for limits (15 books/magazine, 10 cds, 5 dvds) I had to set our own limit for her. It's the same that I had---as many as you can carry yourself. Why should I have to lug all her stuff (she's 14 now) when I have my own to carry.

    I think I liked Harriet the Spy so much because I wanted to be a writer, too. I also loved Otherwise Known as Shiela the Great. And...

    well, my list could go on forever.

  2. "...Bela Lugosi in a room full of necks." That's the best way I've ever heard the temptation that comes with dieting described!

  3. I used to live in California, up near Redding, and then the bay area. Yes, the weather was nice. But I am an East Coaster at heart and have found another pretty good weather spot in South Carolina. But, I must say I'm ready for warmer temps to arrive. Come on Spring!!

  4. Bob Newhart is hysterical and that is a great line!

  5. I won't make you choose at gunpoint : )

    America needs limits. Amen!!

    I love Bob Newhart. I miss the shows like those that stand the test of time, and are funny to many generations. They are few and far between now. Enjoy your weekend!


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