Thursday, March 21, 2013

Out of the Desert Soon

Yesterday was a rough one for me.  I woke up with a splitting headache which, despite taking two Alleve, did not dissipate all day.  I ended up lying down and trying to sleep it off, and that helped somewhat.  By day's end it was all but gone.  I had forgotten just how rotten (hey, there might be a limerick in there somewhere) it felt to have one, since it has been years since I last had a headache.  There was a time in my early-to-mid twenties that I had daily headaches.  Not fun at all.

As a consequence of my ordeal yesterday, I did not blog or catch up on my e-mail.  I have now, though, so back to normal around here.

We got the results of the inaugural meet this morning, and youngest son did quite well.  He finished top 3 in two events, took a first in his 200 free relay, and pulled a 4th in the breast (his weakest event next to backstroke.)  Not too shabby considering his long lay-off from swimming.  His team ended up blowing away the other team by an embarrassing margin.  Their next meet is today, and this will be a different story, as the team they are up against is very strong.  Looking forward to cheering them on and taking some photos.  I couldn't take any from the first meet since I was one of the timers, but this time I can relax and just be a spectator.

The rain has now let up in these parts, and oldest son has the day off from finals.  He will take his last one tomorrow.

The Lenten season is winding down now and we are making final preparations for the best Easter we have ever had in our family, as Barry will officially enter the Church and participate in the Sacraments for the first time at the Easter Vigil.  What an awesome God we have.  This will be a very emotional time for me.

Well, off now to work on the sock pattern some more in order to have it complete by tomorrow.


  1. HOw wonderful .. Easter is so lovely. We do have an AWESOME God.

  2. blessings on Barry entering the church ;)
    Easter is quickly approaching, yet we are having cold, rainy weather this weekend...
    I'm working on a knitted shawl for our prayer skein done and two more to go before I'm finished.


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