Monday, April 15, 2013

Down to Zero

Kind of a bummer of a title.  I'm battling a bout of down-heartedness at the moment, so it seemed a propos.  May need to listen to a little bit of Joan Armatrading this morning to lift my spirits. 

Here's a brief glimpse of my Friday and Saturday activities:

Friday - took advantage of the local hardware store's deal of 20% off all plants and bought these goodies to finish off the containers for the front courtyard:

Well, actually, this doesn't quite complete it.  I still need to plant the herb garden and fill in the planting bed with some decorative rock as well.

On the way out of the store, the do-it-yourself key-making kiosk caught my eye and I remembered that the husband needs a replacement house key for the one he inadvertently chucked out while re-doing the front beds in December.  I couldn't resist the bright pattern, but after it was made, I decided to keep this one for myself and give him the boring plain brass one from my key ring.  He was in total agreement once he got a glimpse of it:

Also, on the way out to the garden center of the store I saw what I think is the plant I mentioned in my post from last week that is in full bloom along the mountainside on the drive to Santa Cruz.  It is called "Sweet Broom".  I took a picture with my phone, but can't seem to download it to the laptop.  Will have to ask the husband for help when he gets home today.

Friday came to a close with youngest son's swim meet.  Another tough one.  He swam back stroke in the 200 medley relay again (we still can't figure out what the coach is thinking on this one, because his back stroke is pretty awful), then free-style in the next three events.  He eked out a point on the 100 free, but his two relay teams did not do well, so that was all she wrote for that one.  The team got clobbered again.  We have a lot of personal history with this team, as he used to be on the "Dream Team" relay with a couple of them and together broke several records which still stand.  It was one of these team mates that accidently cut open a gash above his eye which prevented him from going to championships the year before last.  Good times.  To make matters worse, he would still be swimming with them and probably continuing to set relay records if he had chosen to attend the local public high school.  He opted for the private Catholic school his brothers attended, however.  This school doesn't have their own pool and the swim team has never been very strong.  You make, choices, right?

Saturday morning was spent with middle son at his University Welcome Day.  He is very excited at what the Kinesiology department has to offer and is chomping at the bit to get started.  Let's hope Senioritis doesn't rear its ugly head...Have to keep on him about meeting key deadlines, too.  The transition from "mom does all that stuff" to "I have to do this myself" is only just beginning.  But he's my most independent one, so I'm hoping for the best.

After we'd attended all the presentations we cared about, we raced to the AAU tournament his varsity basketball team was playing at.  He made it just in time for tip-off.  He was a bit grumpy about having to play because he was extremely tired and his feet have been bothering him lately.  He thinks he has plantar fasciitis.  But his dad (aka the coach) begged and pleaded.  He didn't perform all that well as a result, and his team got stomped.  Such is life.

And now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to throw a pork roast in the slow cooker...

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  1. I LOVE That key and all the key choices we have nowadays!

    SOunds like your life is busy busy. Love your plants so far too


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