Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hey Hey, My My. Yes, Well...

Where to start?  The husband and I spent a lovely Friday evening in Santa Cruz at the Rio theater being entertained by this guy:

How was the performance?  Let's take a closer look...

We had never seen him perform live before, so we didn't know exactly what to expect.  The husband did some "googling" and discovered some reviews that indicated we would find Colin to be amusing, even downright stand-up comedian funny as well as solid musically.  One moment side-splittingly funny, the next tearing your heart out with poignant lyrics.  So we were primed, so to speak.

The Rio theater is a small retro theater in the older part of Santa Cruz, on Soquel Avenue.  Nice and intimate, very low key.  We grabbed a quick bite at a Sushi restaurant a couple of blocks from the theater before the performance.  Not very good, wouldn't recommend it.  We got to the Rio about 30 minutes before the start, and they were already letting people in.  The seating was unassigned, so we just grabbed a seat in the middle of the theater, and waited.  The audience was about what you would expect, lots of middle-aged and plenty of twenty and thirty-somethings.  Everyone was casually dressed.   The stage was set with 3 or 4 acoustic guitars and small amps. 

The show started on time and I settled in happily.  Then he started to talk.  And talk.  And talk.  At first I was slightly amused, but he wasn't as funny as the review had indicated he might be.  After a bit I was really eager for him to get on with the music already.  He monologued for about ten minutes straight, during which time I grew increasingly restless.  I didn't come for a comedy show, I came for the music.  There were two songs in particular I was hoping to hear and I really didn't find his commentary all that interesting.  There was something about Prince Charles being an "f-ing" disappointment and something else about some people who think they're just a little bit "f-ing" special.  And more "f this" and "f that".  It grew a bit tiresome.  He speaks with a strong Scottish accent despite spending most of his formative years in Australia, and I like the accent and all, but "Please, enough with the f-word, and isn't it about time you actually played a song? Pretty please?" was what I was thinking.

He did finally get around to playing, and he sounded really good.  But I kept thinking, "If you hadn't flapped your gums so long, you could have played about 10 more songs."  Really.   He didn't play one of his best that I was really looking forward to hearing, but he did play my all time favorite of his, "Waiting For My Real Life to Begin".  If you are a fan of the series "Scrubs", you'll have heard it.  It accompanies a really beautiful episode where a young girl faces her imminent death with joy and serenity and is one of my favorite episodes.  That show was the best.  Such a perfect touch. 

He saved the best for last and ended the show with this song and then did an a capella rendition of an old Scottish/Irish folk ballad from the 1700's in tribute to a friend of his who died last April.  He was one of his band mates from the Men At Work band, and apparently he was a fine person.  You could tell that he really loved him and truly misses him.

All in all, I enjoyed the show very much despite my annoyance will all the yakking.  He is a really humble guy and pokes fun at himself and his limited success in the music business after busting onto the music scene with his band in the eighties.  I'd definitely go see him again if given the opportunity.  The drive to Santa Cruz was really lovely, as always, and brought back all the usual memories that it usually does.  There was some kind of plant in bloom along the mountainsides in masses of profusion that I've never seen in bloom before.  I guess I've never driven through them in April before.  It's usually summertime when we visit.  The plants bore bright yellow flowers and they reminded me of forsythia.  I'll have to look them up and see if I can identify them.  They were gorgeous.  It was nice to be on a date with the husband as well.  We don't do that often enough.  I think our last "date" was another concert.  We went to see "Bare-naked Ladies" at a local winery and it was fantastic.

And on the knitting scene, I've started a very plain sock.  The yarn is kind of fugly, as you can plainly see:

The washing machine is still overflowing, by the way.  The husband will be taking another crack at it again this afternoon. 

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  1. I think I've knit the very same yarn! It is wild, but the go well under blue jeans and in a shoe where not much shows! IT is way too late to turn back now


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