Friday, April 5, 2013

My Latest Guilty Pleasure

Has nothing to do with this, but it's sort of in the style, so it was the best I could do.  The latest guilty pleasure of which I speak is the Showtime series "The Borgias".  Once I got over the revulsion of the soft core porn that pervades many of the scenes (fast forward feature on the remote really helps) and could concentrate on the storyline and character development, I find myself strangely fascinated. 

My first thought when seeing that Jeremy Irons played Rodrigo Borgia was that he would chew the scenery something fierce.  I find that he often walks that line for me.  Always appearing to be playing Jeremy Irons in every piece he appears in.  But I was wrong.  For the most part.  There is some overacting, to be sure, but there is also some subtly and his portrayal of the tender love he has for his family and of grief is most convincing. 

Whether this program has more than a passing acquaintance with historical fact, I do not know, not having studied the Borgia family that closely.  I always just clumped them with the Medicis and Machiavelli, labeling them pretty much one-dimensional monsters. 

Regardless of factual veracity, however, I find this series riveting for the somewhat complex portrayal of the Borgia family.  They are shown as deeply flawed, but also occasionally genuinely good and capable of great love, both for one another and for others.  They appear to have guilt over their most heinous deeds and I would like to think that this is true.   It makes for better drama, at least.   

I am now caught up with season 1 and 2, and hope there will be a season 3...

And in real life, the washing machine continues to overflow and flood the garage floor, and the laundry consequently piles up.  The family cries out for clean underwear and socks, to no avail.  The husband will get off work early and attempt to fix the problem.  And into the weekend we march undaunted...

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  1. ahhhhh! the laundry crises...hope you weathered it well


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