Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The boys and I have been reminiscing over Easter Break about the wonderful family vacation we took the year before last to Disney World.  With the oldest at University, the middle son starting University this coming fall, and the increase in tuition for youngest son looming on the financial horizon, the possibility of another family vacation any time soon is remote indeed.   And yet, we dream...which dovetails nicely into this week's Ten on Tuesday topic from Carole Knits:

10 Things You Always Bring on Vacation.

  1. Sunblock - The youngest and I are the only fair-skinned ones of the bunch, so we are always conscious of the need for sun protection; but sunblock is not only for the fair of skin, so I am constantly hounding my brown-skinned boys and their father to use the darn stuff.  I make it as easy as possible for all of us, preferring the spray on kind which goes on in, like, 10 seconds, full coverage.
  2. Camera - my family is my favorite subject and I love capturing them in the pure bliss of the moment that occurs so often when we are together on vacation. 
  3. Waaayyyyy too many clothes - Well, to be honest, this is the husband's thing.  The rest of us travel pretty light, but he over packs like crazy.
  4. My own toiletries - No hotel shampoo and lotion for this gal. 
  5. Hair products - The frizz Must. Be. Tamed.
  6. Several pairs of shoes - Our vacations usually involve lots of walking and my feet are troublesome.  If I use the same shoes or sandals for more than a few hours, I will invariably end up with blisters, so I have to change the footwear often to keep straps from rubbing, etc.  Good soles are a must as well.
  7. Credit card and ATM/Debit card - 'Nuff said.
  8. Novel - I've always been an avid reader.  Must have something to read in the hotel room or during various "down time" on any trip. 
  9. Book of puzzles - I love crostics, word games, logic puzzles and cryptograms.  Again, for the down time.
  10. Knitting, baby - This is usually the first thing that goes in the suitcase and carry-on.  I generally pack portable stuff like socks, but I've also been known to work on sweaters and complicated lace shawls while on vacation in exotic locales.  I have to have my daily knitting "fix" or I will go through terrible withdrawals and nobody wants that.
There's an open invitation to join the fun at Carole Knits (link at right)...So have at it.


  1. Puzzles is a great one...we used to love to do a puΩzle

  2. Oh the knitting withdrawal...evil affliction for all involved! ;-)

  3. I hear you on the frizz! We haven't taken a real vaca in years and with our daughter starting college in the Fall we decided it was time to just make it happen.

  4. Yes, a puzzle book, and I, too, pack light - there is always a washer/dryer somewhere if I need it.


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