Friday, May 10, 2013

Little Miss Muffit

Okay, so one of the things I find most unpleasant in life just happened to me.  I was catching up on the ole e-mail with a cup of Joe and what do you think happened?  That's right, a creepy little spider decided to descend from the skylight in the kitchen on his little silky thread.  Where do you think he was planning to land?  Well, it appeared to me that there must have been a bulls-eye in my coffee cup that I couldn't see, 'cuz that little turd was heading straight for it.  If I hadn't spotted him from the corner of my eye, my next sip of coffee would have included a shot of spider.  Shudder.

Must move on.  Today is Time Trials for high school swimming championships for youngest son.  Soon, the season will be over and there will be no more of this until next year:

Right on cue the weather has turned from record highs to downright chilly, which will make for a miserable couple of days for swimming.  Never fails.

Oh well, at least it will finally be cool enough to finish the planting for the courtyard.  Yes, that's right, another task has been left unfinished around here.  But truthfully, we've had high-90's heat and I just couldn't summon the will to work in the sun under those conditions.  A valid excuse if ever I heard one. 

Dead Nettle - Another ugly name for a delightful little flower

And on the knitting front, I updated my Ravelry store with the Sojourner Socks pattern.  I'm going to begin another design today.  Not socks this time (finally), probably something for a baby.  I haven't decided whether I'll go for a little infant dress or maybe a one-piece jumpsuit.  I also want to whip up a little summer shrug out of cotton that I can wear to Mass over a sleeveless top for when the heat becomes unbearable this summer.  Mom's sweater still looks like this:

Alas, I fear it is BORING to knit...And I don't have a comfortable place that is also well-lit to work on it.  With my terrible eyesight, black is difficult to knit with.  Add to that the fact that I'm coming to suspect I should have chosen to make it top-down with raglan shaping instead of bottom up-figure-out-the-sleeves-when-you-get-there...I'll probably go with raglan, but raglan from the bottom-up is always problematic for me.  I knew that, so why did I persist? 

Okay, well, time to get some real work done around here...


  1. Yet Your MOm's sweaters Is amazing so far!!!!! I love it.

    Happy swim meet !!!! Happy Mother's day!


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