Monday, May 6, 2013

Sadness and Silence

Lovely lavender to brighten the courtyard

More beautiful columbines to contemplate
Sorry for the radio silence.  There have been some dark days recently that required much prayer and withdrawal from the digital world.  There have also been some happy things and I will try to focus on those, like the delights of the flowers pictured above.

The past couple of weeks have been fraught with shocking, sorrowful news from friends; all day visits to the ER for youngest son who sustained a neck injury in a basketball game; recovery--praise God--swim meets; a mini family reunion, this time under pleasant circumstances instead of the usual funeral/wedding.  A bit of new knitting (nothing exciting, just another test knit for the Sojourner sock pattern):

and a plain vanilla sock to use up a lovely colorway of Mountain Colors, Bearfoot I had in the stash, just for a stress reliever:
I wanted to try a simple chevron stitch pattern to break up the handpainted yarn a bit, but just didn't have the mental energy to choose one, so went with simple stockinette and eye-of-partridge heel.  It's just been tough...

There's also been a little more work on the courtyard garden, just for a little respite from the sadness:

And the swim season winds down:

The dinner timer just chimed, so I guess I'll close here.  Hope to finally put the Sojourner sock pattern on Ravelry tomorrow.

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