Friday, May 17, 2013

Thank You For the Days

Swim Champs

Today youngest tries out for the competitive swim summer team.  Swimming is such a great sport.  I highly encourage all parents of young children to get them involved in it.  What other sport can potentially save a life one day?  Oldest son saved his dad's life at the ripe old age of 11 on a family vacation to Hawaii due to the skills and strength he developed from this sport.  Dad was foolhardy and got into trouble in deep water, and had to be rescued by his pre-teen....Tragedy averted.

Work continues on the courtyard.  When will I finish and enjoy the fruits of my labor?  Went low-key with the herb garden this year.  Bought two small tomato plants billed as ideal for container gardening due to their mounding growth habit, two basil plants, and two cilantro plants.  I think this will be all I do this season on the veggie/herb front.  Although I'm tempted to plant spearmint as well.  I do so love the mojito season...

Sweet Basil

Container tomatoes

Cilantro - Can you say, "Salsa"?

And on the knitting front, the plain stockinette socks continue apace - one complete, one about 1/3 of leg complete:
Complete with stitch markers so that I make the second one exactly the same...
And just realized I still have to put the fringe on my sisters scarf that I made a MONTH ago.  Or was that TWO MONTHS???

Confession time: I'm not real fond of the way garter stitch looks most of the time, especially in solid colors.  But I absolutely love it for vertical stripes in variegated yarns such as the one above.   Isn't that colorway gorgeous? 

Okay, off to nag at the teen-agers and get them to finish up the cleaning of the family-and-living-rooms before the pup comes home tomorrow!  I know it's trivial, but I said a prayer yesterday that she will integrate into our family without too much trouble.  My days of putting up with poor puppy behavior are behind me.  I pray she doesn't try my patience (always a scarce commodity) too much.  As long as she's smart, I'll be happy.  I can't abide a dumb dog...


  1. What's your vanilla sock pattern of choice? I need to pick one for my vacation socks.

  2. I think Swimming is a great sport. WOW, your son saved his fathers life?? A miracle!!

    i cant wait for the puppy. Go ahead, Inspire me.

  3. and I am sock knitting too. Love yours


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