Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I Did This Weekend. Wait. What?

Three day weekends are great, aren't they?  I'm so glad Carole of Carole Knits chose this topic for this week's Ten on Tuesday (link at right) so that I could stop and reflect on the wonderful weekend that has just passed.  So grateful to God for blessing us so richly with this time together.  Let's get started, shall we? 

10 Things You Did This Weekend:

1.  Spent a lot of time with this little thing:
I will not get attached to this puppy...

She is doing the job of all 8 week old puppies and kicking our collective a** with the puppy training.  But we love her already.

2.  Ran around on Saturday running last minute errands in preparation for Second Son's High School graduation.

3.  Attended said graduation on Sunday.  Got there wicked early to grab a good seat and then sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony.  So proud of this one.  He knows who he is.


4.  Celebrated said graduation with a family dinner.  All my favorite and cherished loved ones together breaking bread, what can be better?


6.  Knit a bit on the plain old vanilla socks.  Discovered that while I still love the colors and knitted fabric of Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn, I find it easy to split stitches if I'm not careful.  Not crazy about that.

7.  Watched TV

8.  Drank some wine.

9.  Began crate training for the sweet pup.  She is getting too attached and needs to learn how to be alone for a bit without freaking out.  Oh, and also that she is NOT allowed on the couch.  Anymore.

10.  Finally made a meal that went over well with ALL the members of the household.   Not one complaint.  They even asked for seconds.  I can't tell you how rare and sweet this is.  Usually, I can please one or more with any given home-cooked meal, but pleasing all 4 of them is nearly impossible.  The magic meal: Fried Quinoa cakes and shrimp tacos with garlic lemon sauce.  This will be a good one for next Lenten season, God willing.

You know, I didn't do that much this weekend and I loved every minute of it...


  1. BUt you did all the work of 12 years of schooling and support so you deserved to do little this weekend. Isnt reflection lovely?

  2. Oh dear heavens - your puppy is gorgeous!!! She looks so much like our last yellow lab. We have a 5 month old lab/golden retriever mix and he has been kicking our butts for a little while. Potty training going well, the separation thing - not so much. We just got him a larger crate so we will see how that goes tomorrow! Enjoy your new addition. And congrats on the graduating child. Ours graduates next week (sniff sniff).

  3. actually you did quite a bit. a little of the mundane every day stuff mixed in with awesome special steps. taht dinner sounds delish. congrats to your son. and good luck "not getting attached" to that puppy lol ;)

  4. How in the world did I *forget* to do #8? :)

  5. This sounds like a good weekend to me - and so what if it wasn't a lot of stuff? It was clearly all fun!

    That puppy is way to cute to be legal. :-)

  6. Fried quinoa cakes sound very interesting. I'm going to have to try those!

    Congratulations to your son!


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