Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why is "Y" a Crooked Letter?

Thanks to Carole at Carole Knits (link in right side bar) for this week's distraction.  And a much needed distraction it has been.  Carole's topic for this week is about knitting.  Now, I am a passionate knitter.  When I'm not actually knitting (which is rare), I'm dreaming about knitting, mentally knitting, designing new knit patterns, contemplating my stash and planning the next knit.  It never stops unless I am extremely ill.    But I've never really examined the reasons why I knit, so this week's Ten on Tuesday may prove more difficult than it would at first appear.  So, insert a mental image of someone cracking their knuckles, and let's get it on:

Ten Reasons Why I Knit:
Sojourner Socks

  1. I enjoy creating things.  I consider it playing for my grown-up self.
  2. Knitting helps pass the time and keeps me from growing impatient and bad-tempered in waiting rooms, the DMV, or any time I have to wait for something for an extended period.  I am not known for my patience around these parts...
  3. I love the way yarn feels before, during, and after it is knit.  The tactile pleasure I get from touching my knitting cannot be overstated.
  4. I love the colors and color combinations that unfold from the promise of an unknit skein to the finished item.
  5. I enjoy exercising my brain trying to figure out a new way or a more efficient or elegant way to accomplish a new technique or style element.
  6. I love that I can make something from a ball of string and two sticks that someone I love will cherish because it is beautiful and comes from my hands. 
  7. Knitting is a form of prayer for me.  My knitting time is time I can use to contemplate the Almighty and be grateful to Him for giving me the gift of this lovely hobby.  I can knit prayers into items I'm working on and sing songs of joy and gladness, thanks and praise, while I knit.
  8. I can knit chemo caps or similar items that bring comfort to people enduring great sorrow and anguish. 
  9. Knitting allows me to use my God-given talents for something useful and beautiful.
  10. I love that knitting can be challenging and complex or simple, brainless, and soothing depending on my emotional or mental needs.

Man, that really was harder than I thought it would be.  Tag, you're it!


  1. Nice list... and esp #10! Happy ToT!

  2. LOVE the socks! ...yeah, I think we have a lot of the same reasons. and I forgot to include "because I love it and it makes me happy". basic reasons for sure!

  3. I've knit many shawls for friends who are in need of extra strength, healing, or encouragement and during the process I feel myself being strengthened, healed and encouraged. Knitting is a meditative practice and fills the soul. Nice list, Teri.

  4. I thank GOD that I am a knitter. I've met such lovely people. I can create ...lovely things. I was always BAd at art in school and though I had no talent. KNitting makes you feel like you've tapped into a God given Talent.
    I too love to knit while I am waiting...It keeps me relaxed.

    My kids would run to our car and say, "Sorry im late" and I'd just say < "Oh I had my knitting no problem" Im so happy I said that to them. I hope they have that memory!


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