Thursday, June 6, 2013

Darn That Sweater

So, I had big plans to get some real work done on mom's sweater so I could show something on this blog besides another pair of socks.   Down I sat, hot beverage at my side, to settle in and watch some Maigret and make progress.  Well, that lasted all of about 4 rows when two things occurred, more or less simultaneously: I noticed an area where I had tried a new technique for weaving in ends as you go that looked, well, no other way to put it --sucky; of course, I got all anal about it and ended up making it look even worse, so ripping back to that row was now in order.  The second thing was that I consulted my notes and realized that I had designed the sweater to be a modified drop shoulder, not a raglan.  Long story short, mom's sweater went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

And, for an added bonus, I didn't get to start on my shrug.  I'm going a different direction with the sweater this time and actually writing down the instructions as I go so that I won't forget what I was thinking.  I'm also knitting it in pieces to be seamed, (I know, I know, "Danger, Will Robinson", but apparently that's how I roll these days) I'm starting with the back, leaving selvedge stitches on each end to facilitate the seaming.  As if...The real reason I've decided to go the seamed route, truth be told, is that I don't trust myself to knit in one piece at the moment, because I'm afraid I will have a lapse in concentration and screw it up.  There will be a lot of neckline shaping, armhole shaping, and knitted in button band that will be happening on the front, and I'm afraid I'll have a problem keeping track of it all while designing on the fly. If I was following a set pattern, it wouldn't be a problem.  Too much information, right?  One last confession, then I will move on, I swear: I am having more trouble than you would believe with following the K1xP2 ribbing.  What the heck is going on around here? 
To soothe myself, I continued on the fruit-striped socks, which now look like this:
I'm starting that shrug today, I swear...



  1. Hey have you ever heard of Tanna? I have to send you her site - do I have your email? I'll look.
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