Monday, June 3, 2013

Fruit Striped...Socks?

Well, this here knitting blog sure has featured a lot of socks this year, hasn't it?  I promise I'll show some other knitting soon, but in the meantime, here we have the debut of the finished (finally) plain vanilla socks:
The new puppy totally put these guys on hold.  But as soon as I cast off, I started on these:

I've dubbed them fruit striped because they are two color striped and sort of remind me of that gum I used to chew (and swallow, sometimes, tee-hee), back in the day.  I'm going to try and force myself to work on mom's sweater, and I'm starting a cotton shrug for moi, which I will try to be good about only working on when I've put some real time into mom's sweater.  I think I'll follow a pattern for this one rather than work one up myself, though.  I'm designing mom's sweater on the fly, and that is enough of a mental work out for the moment.  I need some mindless knitting, and following a pattern should fit the bill.
We named the puppy "Nugget", which wasn't one of the names on the short list and doesn't make my mom or sis-in-law happy, because it isn't feminine enough for them, but the boys insisted.  The connection, of course, is that she is part Golden Retriever, so she's our little gold nugget.  Aw...
Brought her in for her next round of shots today and she was a royal pain.  She loves everybody, of course, and she won't stop jumping up and trying to kiss the staff at the vet, who totally indulge her and spoil her rotten.  It is an exhausting 30 minutes, let me tell you.  Trying to keep a squirming, wiggly little puppy in your arms for that length of time is hard.  I don't want to put her down yet until she has had all her shots, especially after the scare she gave us last week when we thought she might have parvovirus.  She doesn't, but it was so hard to see the youngest son sobbing over his beloved puppy.    Don't want to go through that again. 
She's acclimating to her crate well at night, and we left her in it for about an hour while we had dinner out yesterday, and she did well, but we have a ways to go on the separation anxiety front.  She wants to be around us all the time and if even one of us leaves the room, she barks and whines something fierce.  We can't even think about leaving her outside on her own for an hour while we're gone yet.  That and biting are the two main things we need to work on.  She's getting better, but she still bites when she gets excited about play.  She's great about potty, though, and that is huge.  And you should see how angelic she is when we have a training session involving freeze dried liver.  That's when she breaks out her perfect puppy act.

Okay, well, off  to drop off a check for the summer swim team for youngest son...


  1. Oh that sweet little puppy - of course they make the world stop! sandie

  2. YOu have NO idea how you are helping my hundred reasons not to get a dog list!!! I still want one though.....
    she's adorable and she'll grow and learn fast.


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