Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gratitude- Good for What Ails You

I am so pleased with this week's Ten on Tuesday topic, hosted by Carole Knits.  The reason?  Well, gratitude and I have a special thing.  One of the secrets to a happy life that I have discovered over the past few years, is that cultivating a grateful heart can increase your joy and contentedness a thousand fold.  Don't feel like praying?  Try counting your blessings and just thanking the Almighty for what He does for you every single day.  Start there, and prayer often flows, and pours into your heart an abundance of joy, a feeling of closeness to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and a serenity of spirit that makes you see your life in a whole different way, even when you are battling a terrible anguish.  This is the way that gratitude works for me, anyway.  I highly recommend it.  And so, to the topic:

10 Times You Felt Grateful Last Week.

1.  When my father received (relatively) good news about his macular degeneration and will possibly be able to halt eye injections for a while.

2.  When my two oldest boys checked in with me while they were out to let me know that they were okay and would be home shortly.  It's hard to transition from babyhood to early adulthood.  Hard for me, that is.  I know it is right to give them more freedom, but I worry when they are away from home late at night.

3.  When my youngest son committed to attending his high school basketball summer workouts so that we could stop trying to dodge his coach, who has been hounding him to return.

4.  When I attended the first Mass celebrated by our newly ordained associate pastor and heard the conviction in his voice when he spoke of adoring our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  So grateful for faithful priests.

5.  When I heard that two more abortion clinics had been shut down in our nation.

6.  Every time I picked up the knitting needles.  So grateful for a hobby that has brought me so much contentment.

7.  When the puppy settled into her crate at night with no barking or whining.

8.  When the extremely high temps in these parts started to come down.  While I prefer the heat to the cold, I draw the line at mid-nineties.

9.  Every morning, when I woke up in my comfortable home, surrounded by those I love most in this world, knowing we have another day on this earth together to spend in love.

10.  Every day, all day, when I went about my daily chores, knowing that despite that dire diagnosis in 2010, I am alive and well and loved by God, who claims me for His own.  I am not afraid.  His grace is sufficient for me. 

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  1. Gratitude is what gets me by each day. We should all count our blessing, no matter how small them may seem.


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