Thursday, June 20, 2013

I should Rename this Blog... "That Lady is Always Knitting Socks":

Fruit striped socks--done.  Only one little problem: I ran out of freaking yarn halfway thru the second one!  You'll notice the sock on the bottom has purple stripes of a different shade.  Well, they were for me, anyway.  I can't say I didn't know this was likely to happen.  I debated with myself on whether or not to make these ankle length instead of mid-calf.  I chose the dangerous path, knowing it was likely to bite me.  C'est la vie.  The yarn was Knit Picks Risata, if you're interested.  I think this may be my favorite Knit Picks sock yarn to knit with.  It is a cotton blend, very sturdy, and doesn't split.  Also, it comes in a lovely array of colors. 

And, no sooner were these off the needles, than I started these:

I'm calling them "Mojito Season".  I went with two different shades of Knit Picks Stroll this time.  There is more yardage in Stroll than Risata, but I still think I'll play it safe and go shorter on the leg portion.  I decided to do the heel flap differently on these.  This picture is not current.  I'm working the heel flap already and I'm not liking it.  I used my old standby, eye of Partridge instead of slip-stitch, and chose to go with the dark green alone, then using the light green for the heel turn, and resuming the striping after that.  I think it's probably going to look hideous, but knitting is about learning for me sometimes.  I'll know what not to do next time.  And these are for either me or my youngest who loves the handmade socks and won't mind that they are not aesthetically pleasing.
Of the several pairs I have made over the past few months, he has claimed all but the pink ones for himself, other than the ones I made specifically for other people.

And in other news, Princess Puppy Pants aka Nugget is settling in quite well.

 She appears to be growing a brain as she gets older, and has learned to sit and play fetch on command.  She is starting to answer to her name and is slowly getting better with the "stay" and "come" commands.  However, she still reserves her best behavior for when treats are involved, and will sometimes ignore commands when she knows there is no food in store.  

We left her outside in the dog run on her own while we were all out of the house for an hour or two on Father's Day.  Luckily, my sister happened to come by unexpectedly while we were out.  "Why?" you ask?  Why, because our darling pup had managed to squeeze herself between the bars of the gate barring the exit to the run, and was loose.  Sis rectified the situation and all was well.  But I can't wait until Nugget is big enough to safely leave alone in her dog run.  Oh, and did I mention she's a climber?  She'll climb any barrier that offers a horizontal crossbar like she's climbing a ladder, and then it's up and over.   And she can jump over her puppy play pen in a second flat, so that no longer works to effectively confine her indoors.   As soon as she's had all her shots, we are going to the dog park and work on some agility training.  I think she may be a natural.

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