Friday, July 5, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

Dang, has it really been that long since my last post?  Bad blogger, bad, bad blogger!  Sorry about the cone of silence, but there has been a lot of busy work at the homestead.  Lots of minutiae that is probably of little to no interest to anyone other than me, and some fun stuff.   Add to that the fact that we've been suffering from a week-long heat wave in these parts that has added greatly to my reluctance to engage the electronics.  Anything to keep the house cool.  We don't have air conditioning, so we have to do the small things. 

First, I thought I'd flash my stash as a follow-up to my last posting:

Now, this is only a fraction of the stash.  Shameful, isn't it?  The rest is shoved here and there out of sight in things like the bedroom ottoman and a dresser that should contain clothes, if I were a normal person.  But seeing as I am a knitting addict, I had to sort my priorities and clothes didn't make the cut.  In my defense, this stash has been several years in the making and the vast majority of it was purchased on sale, deeply discounted, or was acquired as a gift from my generous family, who support my addiction in every way possible, and are the grateful recipients of the fruits of my labor.

I'm sad to say that there wasn't much progress on the knitting front in my absence.  Too much of the minutiae previously mentioned. 

The youngest has kept us busy with a dual sport summer:  he is playing for his high school basketball summer league, his dad's AA basketball team, and has joined a competitive swim team.  Juggling all three activities without royally pissing off each coach is quite the delicate dance, let me tell you...We've got a big trip to Las Vegas coming up at the end of the month to close out the AA season, and then school will be upon us before you know it.

The older sons have been working a summer job since mid-June.  It's the first time either have been employed, and I'm very pleased with how they are doing.  My middle son in particular has really taken to it.  No surprise there. 

And little princess puppy pants is growing like the proverbial weed.  We decided to bathe her for the first time yesterday for a dual purpose:  she was starting to smell like a dog in need of a bath, and it was so darn hot, we needed to give her some relief.  Now she is a silky soft perfumed pup.  She seems to be a quick learner, and as long as there are no distractions, very obedient.  She has added "lay down" and "stay" to here repertoire and is allowed to be off leash in the house and in the yard when we take her out to do her business.  We have the dog run puppy proofed (although I'm sure she'll find some way to foil us when she spends some alone time there, our last dog was a wizard at it, and she's pretty smart and way more active) which also accounted for the radio silence on the blog.  Lot's of chicken wire to install.   She is now current on her shots, so the youngest son and I plan to take her to the local dog park as soon as the weather cools down enough.  It feels pretty cool this morning, so I'm hopeful the day will be mild.
We're planning a weekend getaway to visit the redwoods, so I'd better end this here and get to packing.  We're bringing Nugget with us.  We found a motor inn there that allows dogs, so she'll get to come along.  

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