Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Street

We've been experiencing a lot of this lately.  Youngest son caught midway through his flip turn.  His speed has caught the eye of his new coach, who has invited him to join his elite high school swimmers for year round swimming at no extra charge.  He has mixed emotions about it -- on one hand jubilant because it means he really is that good, but on the other apprehensive, because the elite swimmers are truly wickedly fast and it means he will be moving from 1 hour workouts 4 days a week in the evening to 2 hour workouts from 7 - 9 am daily.  He's had his hour of being the "big fish" (sorry, pun intended) in the pool with other swimmers who he is very much faster than, to being the "little fish" with the sharks.  I'm eager to see how he will adjust.  He knows a couple of the swimmers in the new group, and they tell him the workouts are grueling.  That is another thing he is apprehensive about. 

And we still have to get through the end of AAU basketball with the huge tournament in Las Vegas.  We will be driving a car full of kids and supervising them 5 days in between games.  Should be a hoot.  I'm exhausted already, just thinking about it.  The husband is giddy with excitement.  He truly loves coaching and is gifted at it.  It's amazing to see how the kids flourish under his instruction.  The same kids who are marginal players on their high school teams become highly skilled contributors for him.  I think it's because they know he believes in them, and they start to believe in themselves.  Instead of coaching through intimidation as so many high school coaches do, this man believes in positive re-enforcement, and he values them and their success over his own ego.  I know I'm tooting his horn, but we've been in youth sports long enough to see that there really are not that many like him out there, and the kids suffer for it.  Okay, I'll get off the soapbox now.  You're welcome.

My real concern while we are gone is that the oldest will be home alone and in charge of the puppy.  This will be the first time we have left one of the boys home while the rest of the family is away.  Granted, he's 19 years old, so should be perfectly fine by himself, but I still worry.  He'll be at work from 7 am until 2 pm, so Nugget will have to be in the dog run by herself until he gets home.  We've been conditioning her to it slowly.  She seems to be all right, no signs of overt anxiety.  Here is the current state of the dog run:

She was in it for most of the day yesterday while we were home, and she's in it now, as I type this.  We will bring her in at noon, spend some time with her, walk her, and then we leave for an all day tournament.  Oldest will be home with her, though, and he promised to take her for another walk and play with her.
Remember how I said we'd puppy-proofed, but I was sure she'd find something to destroy?  Allow me to submit exhibit "A":

This is the dryer vent, which occupies the corner of the dog run.  There should be another plastic slat on the top, covering that gaping hole.  I was expecting that she would go after it.  And she did.  We'll need to replace it today, and then cover it with something when it's not in use to prevent her from destroying it again.  Suggestions welcome...

Time to clean the kitchen...

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  1. Your son will do well with the dog while you are gone. Zach had 3 cats to care for and clean for. He had to pill Rozzy our old cat daily and give her a thyroid ear gel. They bonded too


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