Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Please Don't Be Angry...

I found some problems with the instructions for the sweater in my last post.  I've gone back and made the corrections in red text.  I also removed the instructions about marking the shoulder stitches, as I think they may have been confusing, and they are unnecessary.  I have now progressed thru the front pieces and am commencing on the sleeves:
 And the fugly striped socks are continuing apace:

Surprisingly, I don't find them as fugly as I thought they would be.  The placement of the dark brown/green multi heel flap works for me.  And they are slated for my youngest who loves them and all hand-knit socks.  He has started a fad at his high school with them and I've now been requested to knit a pair for one of his classmates.

And that is all for today, as I have a 4 day trip to Yosemite National Park to pack for. Joy.  Despite the forest fire that is still raging and trying to consume everything in its path, the part of the park where we do our annual camping is open and not in any danger. 

See you when we get back, God willing.

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