Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again...I Think

Wow, it's been ages since I participated in Ten on Tuesday (Carole Knits)...I blame it on the new smart phone.  I finally buckled to pressure and got one, and I'm addicted.  Anyhoo, I've decided to dive in to today's Ten on Tuesday:

10 Things You Miss About Your Own House When You Go Away

1.  My pets --especially our kitty.  We haven't had the puppy long enough to get as emotionally attached, but we've had our dear Lucy for 12 years and she is firmly engrained in our daily routines.  I miss her yacking at me to feed her in the morning, her little love chirps throughout the day and her quiet affection.  She's a very loving, social kitty, and I need my "fix" every day....

2.  My own bed --hotel beds usually leave me aching in the hips and thighs, and the pillows are generally inadequate as well, compared to my own. 

3.  The convenience of my closet

4. Lounging in my bathrobe in the mornings with a cup of coffee before I start my day.  This is especially true of the weekends. 

5.  Having a bathroom to myself - usually when we travel, it is with the whole family, which means waiting in line to use the bathroom before we can go off and do the fun stuff we have planned

6.  My recorded programs - I watch a lot of public TV, especially the international mysteries, Masterpiece Theater, etc.  Hotel TV-- usually not very good.  And if Wi-Fi isn't free, that means no Hulu for me either, so TV viewing usually reverts to whatever sports program the husband cares to watch, and I tune out.

7.  Not having to babysit valuables - I miss the freedom of home, where I can leave my laptop on the bed, my kindle on the table, my smartphone on the dresser, my digital camera wherever I used it last.  I detest that I always have to be hyper aware of my belongings when I travel.  Makes me feel like my possessions own me rather than the other way around.

8.  My privacy - I need a certain amount of "alone time" every day.  This can sometimes be hard to find when I travel with the family.

9.  Puttering around the house

10. The comfort of home...

Okay, I admit it, I'm a creature of habit and a homebody.  As much as I love traveling to exotic locales and relaxing with the family there, I really do enjoy my own home and am always glad to come home to it...How 'bout you?


  1. Oh I am such a homebody! I miss the cats, I miss my kitchen....I miss
    the views from my home windows. I used to get horribly homesick on even the BEST vacations...but Im a bit better now.

  2. Oh I need that alone time too! Hard right now with our very young puppy. And the valuables - you're so right about that!

  3. Great list - I miss my kids (fur babies) and convenience of the closet the most.

  4. I totally forgot about my recorded programs. Yes I do miss those too!

  5. I miss my recorded programs too! Totally forgot about those.


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