Thursday, November 14, 2013

Did We Skip October This Year, Or What???

Theoretically, I know that October came, but man alive it passed so quickly.  I simply can't believe it's over already and we're halfway thru November, to boot.  One of the reasons I know it came is because I have a trio of little decorative punkins that was the sum total of my decorating efforts.  Sheesh.  How 'bout the colors in these socks, though?  Aren't they gorgeous?  Here's a little photo essay of the knitting that occurred in October (while I was apparently too busy to pull out the ole laptop and blog already):
Designed by MagsKnits (that's me) for a custom order

Another MagsKnits design for special customer

The piece de resistance - A MagsKnits design blanket to complete the ensemble


Finished these socks and gifted them but forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  D'oh.
Lang wool socks for Nick (Friend of Sevy)
Knitting both socks in this pair at the same time, just for kicks.  Sometimes I do that.  It defeats the Second Sock Syndrome.

Mountain Colors Bearfoot, darned if I know the name
Now, on to the next activity...


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