Sunday, December 22, 2013

That Lady is Still Knitting Socks

Gratuitous photo of our dear Lucy, just because
I really need to get back to the discipline of blogging, darn it.  December has for all intents and purposes come and gone, and here I sit with nary a single post to show for it.  What is wrong with me--wait, don't answer that.  Plenty, I know.

Anywho, on the knitting front, just another pair or two of socks:

Nick's socks post blocking
 Sorry for the poor picture quality, I just snapped a quick iphone photo post blocking right before I packaged them up for Sevy to give to Nick.  They look kind of grey/black, but they are actually quite a nice shade of deep blue.  Lang jawoll.

Mykaela's Secret Santa socks from Sevy, all wrapped up
Again, apologies for the poor photo.  Just snapped on my iphone the morning of the gift exchange.  The lighting in the house is not great at 6:30 AM...  Just barely finished this pair in time.  It didn't help that Sevy requested them about a week before the exchange, and I was still working on Mom's sweater --which is now (finally) finished and in my mother's possession, yay me -- I'll relate that sorry saga in the very near future.  Suffice it to say, many curse words were muttered during the making of that sweater, let me tell you. 

Getting back to the pair of red socks in the photo above, the reason I barely finished in time is because the first two pairs of socks I started didn't pass muster, so I started this third pair two days before the gift exchange.  That's the way I roll, doncha know?  whipped up a cable "rib" pattern and inserted into my standard vanilla sock recipe.  Eye of partridge heel.  Again, I know, it's getting kind of tedious, isn't it? 

Will catch up with other news over the next day or two.  Really. 

Till then,
Happy Knitting!

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